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Our Starter Hosting plan is perfect for small businesses that wants a presence on the internet without excessive costs.

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Search Engine Optimization

Let us improve your website ranking in search engines.

Optimizing your website for search traffic and local inquiries is what SEO is all about.
By use of proper keywords and strategically placed keywords within content it can maximize the search results dramatically.
Link building is also key to better ranking as is being Mobile friendly. We can help in link building and developing a strategy for Social Media which is a must today.
Our SEO plan includes making changes to your website to optimize it plus we will acquire high quality links and local directory links.
We will go over your social website to help support the desired keywords.
Monthly cost for our service is $350.00 per month. Order now

Social Media Management

Add our Social Media maintenance program to it for a complete package.
Let us manage all your social Media websites.
We will maintain each site setting up each of your pages adding your images and will be helping to induce visitor participation.
Monthly cost for our service is $260.00 Per Month. Order now

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